May 30, 2013
Grey's Anatomy's Kevin McKidd unrecognisable in North of Hell pic

Most of you will recognise Kevin McKidd from his role as Dr Owen Hunt in the hit television series Grey's Anatomy, a role which he has played for five years, appearing in 116 episodes. While Grey's Anatomy is on its end of season break, the cast and crew will be off working on other projects.

Kevin McKidd is filming his new movie, comedy drama North of Hell, and Kevin has revealed a picture of himself on the set of the film, looking completely unrecognisable. While we were shocked to see how Kevin looks in North of Hell, it seems that he is surprised by the look himself.

McKidd recently took to his official Twitter account, to say, "Gotta say #NorthofHell cast and crew pretty awesome! Be warned, I don't look like myself in this movie - in a bad/good way ;)"

As well as starring Kevin McKidd, North of Hell also stars Jordana Brewster, Patrick Wilson and Katherine Heigl. Anthony Burns, writes, directs and produces on North of Hell, which is filming now and will likely be released sometime in 2014. Meanwhile, Grey's Anatomy will return with season 10 in the Fall.

Check out the pic of Kevin McKidd in North of Hell and let us know what you think.


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