February 26, 2015
Gorgeous Shannon Lucio ready to shine in 2015 thanks to "True Blood"

Shannon Lucio's appearance in three 2015 projects has some entertainment observers talking about her emergence. The talented and beautiful actress has been working consistently over the past two years both on television and filming movies that would be released the following year and as a result developed a reputation among some insiders as an actress who could be a feature performer.
However, there are some who think that the interest in her received a significant push from her appearances in 2014 on the television show "True Blood" and the fact that she has not allowed herself to be 'defined' as an actress who could only work successfully in one genre. 
In 2015 she will be seen in the Amazon mystery drama television series "Bosch", the thriller "The Perfect Guy" and the comedy "Dependent's Day" in which she plays a feature role. 
Three roles which have the potential to enhance her profile considerably to the extent that she moves from being an attractive actress known mainly to entertainment insiders to an actress who television and movie viewers start knowing, recognizing and thinking about even when she is not acting. 
Not only does Shannon Lucio have these three different film projects scheduled for release in 2015 but she has part of two 'projects in development' which means that some casting agents, producers and directors consider her an actress of such talent that they have already included her, someone who is not yet a star, in their projects before they have even been given the 'green light'.
The gorgeous and talented Shannon Lucio is looking like she might be one of the most attractive surprise actresses to emerge as a feature performer in 2015 and if it happens expect her to stick around for a while in the spotlight because she has the talent and looks of a Hollywood star performer. 


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