December 5, 2011
Girl of the Week: Annie-Yi

Not many of you will know anything about Annie-Yi, unless you are Chinese or a fan of Chinese celebrities. Annie-Yi is a singer, who also does a lot of writing and has also done her fare share of acting. She was born in Republic of China (Taiwan) on March 4, 1969 and has built up a very successful career in and around her home country.

Annie-Yi can also speak a number of languages, including Mandarin, Cantonese, Taiwanese, Japanese and has also been learning English, which she can currently speak a little of. Annie married Taiwanese Golden Melody Award singer-songwriter Harlem Yu back in 2000 and the couple had a child together in 2002, named Harrison Yu.
Back in 2010, Annie-Yi was named as one of the judges on the panel of the reality television talent show, China’s Got Talent. In 2006 nude pictures of Annie-Yi were released, as she posed for a breast cancer awareness campaign for Chinese women. Annie-Yi posed nude along with Chinese actress Jiang Qingqing and Hong Kong actress Wu Junru. Annie-Yi, you are our Girl of the Week.


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