May 20, 2014
Girl of the Day: Japanese star Ai Shinozaki

So our Girl of the Day section has become a great way for us to bring you some of the most beautiful and talented women on the planet and, while we have been giving you some of the world's best models, today we are mixing it up just a little. Today we are bringing you someone a little more versatile than the average model, with more than one string to her bow.

Those of you who are familiar with your Japanese entertainment industry will more than likely already know the name Ai Shinozaki, as she has been doing her thing for quite a while now. Ai Shinozaki is well-known in the Japanese entertainment industry as being a Japanese Gravue Idol, a singer and a member of the musical idol group AeLL.

Ai Shinozaki has been in the entertainment industry since she was just 14 years old, when she first began her modelling career. There was a lot of widespread discussion about the debut of Ai Shinozaki, with many people commenting on her curvy figure for such a young girl. However, the attention turned out as a positive for her career and Ai Shinozaki has been active ever since.

While Ai Shinozaki has enjoyed a long and successful modelling career, she has also made the positive move into a successful music career. In the course of her career, Ai Shinozaki has done almost everything including singles, photo albums, DVDs, magazines, movies, TV and stage work. Ai Shinozaki has already had a long and successful career to date and, at the age of just 22 she certainly has many more years left in her career.


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