April 27, 2015
Gina Carano breaks hearts of UFC fans with busy film schedule

Gina Carano is a UFC dream fantasy opponent for Ronda Rousey, the current UFC world champion, Dana White the CEO and face of he UFC and many UFC fans who would love to see her enter the Octagon against an opponent in the near future.

However, a recent photo of her looking sensational on the set of her film "Deadpool" and her busy film schedule which will keep her busy throughout 2015 and very likely until the middle of 2016 has some fight observers and entertainment insiders reaching the conclusion that her mixed martial arts career is over (Just Jared - April 2). 

She has not fought an official UFC fight in almost six years and this is one sport in which if a fighter is not fighting regularly they cannot compete against the best fighters in the world no matter how much they train. Training and even sparring are no substitute for actually stepping into the Octagon and competing. 

Her film career is moving forward in high gear as she has six projects that she is either filming or are in stages of pre or post-production and she reportedly has been discussed as a potential feature actress for several other projects. Moreover, the quality of her projects has changed as filmmakers are reportedly looking at her for roles in projects other than action-adventure.

The gorgeous face and fit, sexy body of Gina Carano combined with her improving acting range and timing have some entertainment observers believing that she has become too valuable as an actress to return to UFC competition. 

However, there is a silver lining to her not returning to the UFC Octagon and that is the likelihood that movie viewers will likely be seeing much more of her on the big screen in feature roles and considering how spectacular she looks in some of her pictures found on the Internet that is something that very few people, men or women, will complain about.

Gina Carano, ex-UFC fighter has now become a Hollywood actress and thus has provided the 'new' blueprint for fighters once they have achieved success as a result of their association with the UFC.


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