February 6, 2018
Gigi Hadid learnt her modelling skills from her mother

American supermodel Gigi Hadid has become one of the biggest and best names on the modelling scene and it looks like she has been preparing for this life from a very young age. Gigi has been following in the footsteps of her mother Yolanda Foster and the former beauty star has admitted that she taught her daughter a lot of what she knows.

Yolanda shared, "Gigi always wanted to be a model so I groomed her in a playful way, dressed them up and did little campaigns with them. But I always said, that you can't model until you're 18. Gigi would fight with me over it and tell me that there were loads of 16-year-olds modelling and I would tell her, 'well that's too bad.' I've been there and I know what goes on. Now she's older, she thanks me for giving her the opportunity to be a kid - to run around the farm make-up-free for longer."
It is not only Gigi Hadid who has been following in the footsteps of her mother, as her sister Bella Hadid has also been making a big name for herself on the modelling scene in recent years. However, while Gigi has been preparing for the world of modelling from a very young age, it seems that Bella actually had her heart set on becoming a professional horse rider, before giving it up and heading down the modelling route.
Yolanda added, "Bella always wanted to be an equestrian, but she got Lyme disease and had to quit riding. Instead, she went to study photography in New York and that's how she got into it. Now she loves what she does."
Well they both certainly had the perfect mentor to guide them on their path through the modelling world


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