January 22, 2015
Gemma Ward, Kip Weeks, and Laura Margolis to return for The Strangers 2?

It seems these days that, if a movie becomes a huge success in Hollywood, then the production company will act quick to get a sequel moving so that they can take advantage of the success of the first film and release a sequel with the original still fresh in the viewers minds. It never usually takes any longer than a couple of years for a sequel to hit the big screen following a successful movie but there have been some exceptions.
With that it mind, it does seem that we continue to get a number of people talking about the possibility of seeing a sequel to the hit 2008 movie The Strangers, which managed to gross a fairly impressive $67m worldwide from a budget of just $10m. The Strangers has developed a rather strong fanbase over the years and there are people all over the world who would love to see The Strangers 2 being made.
In The Strangers we saw Liv Tyler, as Kristen McKay, and Scott Speedman, as James Hoyt, being harassed by three masked strangers, with actress Gemma Ward playing Dollface, Kip Weeks playing Man in the Mask, and Laura Margolis playing Pin-Up Girl. The Scott Speedman character was killed, so he would not be able to return but there have been rumours in the past of Liv Tyler returning for a small role in The Strangers 2.
With that said, The Strangers 2 would not really need Liv Tyler, as the stars of the movie were the three masked strangers, so the return of Gemma Ward, Kip Weeks and Laura Margolis would be more than enough. However, the fact that we never actually see their faces in The Strangers means that three new stars could even be cast.
The Strangers 2 looks like being one of those films that will forever be stuck in development hell but, with a bit of luck, someone will hopefully have the sense to bring these frightening characters back to the big screen in the future.
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