July 23, 2011
Game of Thrones season 3 revelations

Game of Thrones executive producer David Benioff has confirmed that, if the show makes it to a third season, it will then begin to separate from the books. Game of Thrones season one was a huge success and it is expected that season two will be just as big, if not bigger.

David explained, “If we're lucky enough, if we have a season three, that's when it will start not corresponding so neatly to the books because Storm of Swords is too big to do as one season." He then became rather cryptic, so not to give too much information away.
Benioff continued, "Our hope has always been that we can keep this alive somehow. There's a certain scene - I'm not even going to say the name of the scene because the name itself is a spoiler... Let's call it 'RW'. We've always felt that if we can get to 'RW', then we've accomplished something." Game of Thrones season two is expected to be released in April next year.


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