June 13, 2015
Freida Pinto shocks fans with revelation of discomfort with her beautiful looks

Freida Pinto in 2008 emerged as one of the hot commodities in the entertainment industry with her sensational performance in the movie "Slumdog Millionaire" as the leading lady and lover of Jamal played by actor Dev Patel. Many fans in England and the United States expected her to become a Hollywood superstar and while she has achieved some success it is nowhere close to what many were predicting based on her tour de force performance and critical acclaim she received. 
Her career path has created much debate among fans but a recent interview with "THE EDIT" magazine has provided some insight into why she has not yet developed into the leading lady superstar that many fans expected. In the interview she disclosed that she is not completely comfortable with her looks and actually wants to move beyond being looked at as "the most beautiful girl in the world" (Daily Mail - May 30). 
It is understandable that an actress wants to be judged on her dramatic acting range but one of the many debates that have included this talented actress is whether she was being offered the opportunity to play the provocative, juicy roles of some other actresses who seemingly have moved ahead of her in the view of some entertainment fans. 
However, if she has been uncomfortable with her beautiful looks it is likely that such a feeling would be apparent in an audition or would result in her 'passing' on roles which would at times require her to be a sexy, very confident individual whether as a heroine, seductress or villain such as that seen in the provocative movie "Gone Girl". 
Her revelation has shocked some fans but it has also has created some interest in her 2015 projects from entertainment fans, in particular the action movie "The Effects of Blunt Force Trauma" in which she plays a feature role that will enable her to show much of her dramatic range and a newfound confidence in her appearance. 
Freida Pinto's admittance about her being 'uncomfortable' with her beauty has some fans thinking she is ready to be a Hollywood leading lady and deal with everything that is attached to such a status including being viewed as one of the most attractive women in the entertainment industry. 
An actress who could be a pleasant surprise to many entertainment fans with her performances in 2015 is the beautiful Freida Pinto. 


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