January 6, 2012
Frankie Cocozza the George Lamb wannabe

The X Factor reject and current Celebrity Big Brother contestant, Frankie Cocozza has revealed how he is using the hit Channel 5 reality television show as a launch pad, as he aims to become a television presenter. It beggars belief that Frankie Cocozza can even be considered a celebrity considering the fact that he was booted off of The X Factor for disgracing himself.

Not only could Frankie Cocozza not sing but he admitted to a member of the team that he had taken cocaine. This ultimately resulted in him being booted off of the show. Now, to the dismay of a nation, Frankie Cocozza in back on reality TV, this time in Celebrity Big Brother. Frankie admitted that he hopes to become a television presenter of off the back of it and admitted that he hopes to be like George Lamb.
Cocozza explained, "I'd like to be like George Lamb, he's cool." Frankie Cocozza is on Celebrity Big Brother with some actual real Celebrities, such as Michael Madsen, who was unsure about doing the show. Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight (Friday, January 6) on Channel 5 at 9pm.


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