November 30, 2015
Fans eager to see Sooyoung make the move to Hollywood

When it comes to foreign cinema, it is fair to say that South Korea has given us some fantastic movies over the years, as well as introducing us to some very talented stars along the way. One of our favourite stars, who we have really come to love over the past few years, is the beautiful and talented South Korean actress Sooyoung.
Sooyoung has been working in the entertainment industry for plenty of years now, showing how talented she is by not only acting but also enjoying success in the music industry as a singer. However, it is her acting that really caught our attention and she has really shown what a talented star she is, with plenty of top draw performance in a number of different projects.
While there will no doubt be plenty of people who are not too familiar with Sooyoung, those who are, are eager for this beautiful and talented actress to make the move to Hollywood in the near future. With her stunning good looks and her obvious acting talent, there is no denying that is Sooyoung did decide to make the switch to the US, she would become a big Hollywood star.
At the age of just 25 years old, Sooyoung still has many more years ahead of her in the acting industry, so there is still plenty of time for her to try to crack Hollywood. With that said, we have not heard any official word of Sooyoung wanting to head to the US, although we would love to see it happen. Come on Sooyoung, you belong in Hollywood.


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