June 26, 2018
Evangeline Lilly gives her views on Marvel costumes

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has become an incredible force in Hollywood and, while there have been a few issues here and there over the years, most of the costumes they have delivered have been on point. However, there have been plenty of complaints among the male stars about how uncomfortable these costumes can be. Now though, actress Evangeline Lilly has been talking about her costume for The Wasp, and it sounds like Evangeline is fine with it.

Lilly explained, "I have been hearing Marvel male superheroes complain about their suits for years, and I got into my suit and I was wearing it, working in it, doing my thing, and I was like, 'Just not that bad'. Do I have the most comfortable suit in the MCU? Or have men not had the life experience of being uncomfortable for the sake of looking good?"

As well as talking about how much she actually likes her costume for The Wasp in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Evangeline Lilly also went on to talk about how much time and effort she put in with the costume team, in order to make sure that everything was just right. Not only did Evangeline want to feel good in the costume but she also wanted to make sure she would be the best representation of the comic book character as possible.
Lilly added, "Living up to the comic book images of female superhero characters, who all are even more outstanding-looking than Barbie, (is impossible). They have, like, 12-inch waists and 45-inch busts and legs as long as me from head to toe. It was a nerve-racking thing to consider. I worked long and hard for months with the team, adjusting and tweaking and adjusting and tweaking until I felt like I would not feel like a sham walking on set. And now I walk on set in that suit and I feel like a superhero, I feel like the Wasp, and I feel damn sexy."
Ant-Man and the Wasp will hit the big screen on July 6 in the US and on August 3 in the UK.


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