February 19, 2018
Eva Longoria excited for release of Jamie Foxx movie All-Star Weekend

While there have been some people who have struggled to make a long and successful career for themselves in Hollywood, there are plenty who have been at the top of the business for many years now, including the beautiful and talented actress Eva Longoria, who has been working at the top of the Hollywood tree for a very long time now.
Eva Longoria has a number of new movie projects lined up for the coming years but the one that we are most looking forward to seeing, is the upcoming new Jamie Foxx movie All-Star Weekend. While we are big fans of Eva and we cannot wait to see her on the big screen, we are also impressed by the rest of the cast that Jamie has managed to put together for the film.
There is not a huge amount of information that we actually know about this upcoming new movie, but what we do already know about the story line for All-Star Weekend, is that it will focus on the relationship between two old friends who start to form a bit of a rivalry with one another over their favourite American basketball star.
As we mentioned, this is a Jamie Foxx movie, with the actor not only starring in the film but also writing and directing All-Star Weekend. Meanwhile, as well as having Eva Longoria on board, the cast for All-Star Weekend also includes the likes of Robert Downey Jr., Jasmine Waltz, Jessica Szohr, and Jeremy Piven, among others. All-Star Weekend is expected to open at some point in 2018.


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