April 26, 2017
Emma Watson gives her views on social media

British beauty Emma Watson has grown up in the global spotlight, after first coming into our lives in the role of Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter movies, instantly making her one of the most recognisable faces on the planet. Since then, Emma has grown into a very beautiful and talented actress, becoming one of the most sought after stars in Hollywood with millions of fans all over the world.
As with many of the top stars in the world today, Emma Watson is a regular user of certain social media platforms and the stunning star has been giving her views on social media and how it impacts people and the world. Emma says that she feels that there are many people now, who can become a famous face, simply by getting a clever hook on their different social media accounts and developing a big following.
Watson explained, "I feel like it's becoming so much more relatable because it's not like fame is something that only celebrities are experiencing anymore. To a certain degree, everyone who uses social media or has a social media platform or whatever else is broadcasting themselves, marketing themselves, sharing intimate details of their lives [the way A-listers do]."
She added, "And they're receiving comments, they're receiving likes, dislikes. They're experiencing exactly what I'm experiencing, of course to lesser and greater degrees. The way that the world is moving, like my experiences I don't feel like are unique so much anymore in a really interesting way."
Well that is certainly an interesting view-point and one that we feel does actually make quite a lot of sense.


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