March 3, 2018
Emma Stone waiting for new movie The Favourite release date

There are a lot of hugely talented actresses in Hollywood and we all have our favourites who we love to see starring on the big screen and who we love to hear working on new acting projects. We have so many different actresses who we love in Hollywood today and it is hard to focus on them all but we do try our best to bring you some of the best.
Which brings us to the beautiful and talented actress Emma Stone, who has become one of the biggest, best and most sought after actresses in the business, and one who is very busy in Hollywood today. Emma has a number of new movie projects lined up for the coming years, including her upcoming new film The Favourite, which could well see Stone at her very best.
As for what we can expect to see from this upcoming new movie, we do not really know a great deal, although we do know that The Favourite has been described as, "A bawdy, acerbic tale of royal intrigue, passion, envy and betrayal in the court of Queen Anne in early 18th century England."
Emma Stone is not the only big name Hollywood star who will appear in this new film, as the rest of the cast of The Favourite also features such top talent as Nicholas Hoult, Rachel Weisz, Mark Gatiss, and Olivia Colman, plus many more. The Favourite has been directed by Yorgos Lanthimos, based on a screenplay that has been developed by Deborah Davis, with the movie still awaiting an official release date.


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