April 9, 2018
Emily Ratajkowski is ready for that big acting role

There are still a lot of people who work in the acting industry today, who feel that it is not entirely fair for the top models in the world to just walk into acting roles on the big screen and the small screen, as they believe that it is taking potential acting roles away from the people who have been dedicating their life to the acting game.

With that said though, there have actually been a few women who have made a name for themselves at the top of the modelling industry, before then going on to prove that they are also very talented actresses. One such star is the beautiful and talented American beauty Emily Ratajkowski, who enjoyed a huge amount of success on the modelling scene and has since been impressing in Hollywood.

Emily Ratajkowski has already appeared in a number of different big screen projects, getting better and better every time, with plenty more acting projects set to come our way over the course of the coming years. Emily is already preparing for some of her new movie projects to hit the big screen, as well as being attached to some upcoming projects, but the stunning star is ready for bigger.

There are so many big movie projects lined up for the coming years, while there are also plenty of exciting small screen projects coming our way. We have been very impressed with what we have seen from the acting career of Emily Ratajkowski so far and we believe that she has proven that she has what it takes to impress in the big roles.


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