November 3, 2014
Elle Fanning's takes on challenge of transgender role in new movie

Elle Fanning is proving herself as an actress who loves to 'challenge' herself and she will be definitely doing so as she has agreed to play the lead role in the movie "Three Generations". This is not any 'ordinary' role as her character is a teenager who make the transition from being a man to a woman and the impact and challenges it creates for the character and the family members, Mother and Grandmother. 
The role is one more in the list of exceptional dramatic roles that the talented actress has taken on and the fact that she has accepted the role has fans throughout the Internet very intrigued because she is considered one of the exceptional dramatic acting talents in Hollywood. Note that she is not being described as a 'young' talent but more as a just a sensational talent because her acting is so far beyond her years in terms of quality that she can 'hold her own' with any actor of any age. 
She recently had fans loving both her look at the Hollywood premiere of her movie "Low Down" in which she wore a classical country girl look in a Marchesa dress and her performance in which she deals with a 'heavy' family issue that many families are face with.
The actress who is young in age only as she is 16 years old has actors several years older wishing they had the her dramatic range which is exceptional for any actor and her work ethic.
She has "Low Down" in the movie theatres, has accepted or more accurately won the role to play one of the feature roles in "Three Generations" and she is currently filming "Trumbo" with star "Breaking Bad" actor Bryan Cranston
Elle Fanning not only is supremely talented but she likes to continually 'sharpen her acting saw' to get better by working constantly. Little wonder why she has become one of the favourite and most in-demand actresses in Hollywood


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