February 15, 2013
Did Michael Fassbender hook up with ‘Counselor’ co-star Cameron Diaz?

Michael Fassbender has been single for quite some time now [as we were first to report] after breaking up with Shame co-star Nicole Beharie, but it looks like he has a penchant for dating co-stars. After first meeting Zoe Kravitz on the set of X-Men: First Class and then dating Beharie after meeting on Shame, it is now being reported that he might be hooking up with ‘Counselor’ co-star Cameron Diaz.
US Weekly reports that multiple witness saw the duo dining and acting flirty during dinner at the Soho Hotel in London, with a source adding, “They acted very flirty throughout dinner.” The source also added that they went up to his hotel room after dinner, saying, “It looked like they were going to hook up!”
Michael Fassbender generally gets linked to a lot women in the tabloids, especially because he’s an attractive, single A-list actor who hasn’t been married or have any children. Last week, it was Jennifer Lawrence, and now it’s Cameron Diaz. While it’s easier to buy the Cameron Diaz rumor, it’s likely because they are just ‘hooking up’ with no strings attached.  
The rumor is that they have excellent chemistry in the ‘Counselor’ so the attraction and chemistry seems to be there – and everyone will be able to see it for themselves when the film comes out on the 15th of November.  


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