June 20, 2016
Dean Cain, Tom Welling, Tyler Hoechlin: The battle of the small screen Superman

So, following the news that we are finally going to get to see Superman appearing on the small screen in the second season of Supergirl, there was a lot of talk about which actor should play the role, before it was revealed that Teen Wolf star Tyler Hoechlin had been cast. Here, we take a look at a couple of actors who have taken on the role before him, showing the big shoes he has to fill.
Hollywood actor Dean Cain took on the role of Clark Kent aka Superman in the hit television series Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, which ran for four seasons between 1993 and 1997. Dean gave us some very solid performances in the show and it is probably fair to say that he will forever be remembered for playing one of the most iconic characters from the comic book world.
While we never actually got to see actor Tom Welling actually playing the actual Superman, he did take on the role of Clark Kent and possessed most of the powers of Superman, in the hit The CW series Smallville, which ran for 10 seasons between 2001 and 2011. Many called for Tom to return as Superman in the new Supergirl series but the actor himself seemed reluctant to reprise the role.
Which brings us to the new Superman, Teen Wolf actor Tyler Hoechlin, who has been met with a mixed response. The biggest complaint from fans is that Tyler is too short at 6ft. However, Dean Cain was also only 6ft, while big screen Superman Henry Cavill is only 6ft 1, so we are sure the height thing will not be a problem.
We look forward to seeing just how much of Superman we get to see in Supergirl and what Tyler Hoechlin brings to the role, and we would love to see the actor getting his own Superman series in the future.


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