February 27, 2017
David Tennant to replace Peter Capaldi as the new Doctor Who?

It really is amazing how hugely popular Doctor Who has become around the world, with everyone always eager to see who is going to be the next Doctor, once the current one decides to bring their run to an end. Well, current star Peter Capaldi has already confirmed that he is going to step down as Doctor Who, which has led to plenty of rumours about who will replace him.

A lot of people have been calling for the first female Doctor to be cast, although there has been a few whispers that we could well get to see former Doctor Who star David Tennant making a return. Well, David has now been talking about the possibility of playing the Doctor again, suggesting that it is probably something that is not allowed to actually happen.

Tennant was a guest on This Morning when he was asked about the possibility of returning as the Doctor, when he said, "Well, I don't think it works that way. I don't think you get a second chance." Following that, he was then asked about who he would like to see replacing Peter Capaldi, to which he added, "I am not even whispering. Can you imagine? I'm saying nothing... You breathe half a sentence and there's a headline."

While we loved David Tennant as the Doctor, we do think that it should be somebody new and we would not be completely against a female Doctor, although this would no doubt not go down well with the hard core Doctor Who fans. Who would you like to see playing the new Doctor?


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