March 13, 2014
David Gandy wins at Rodial Beautiful Awards and stirs up rumours

British model David Gandy recently was awarded the Rodial Beautiful Man of the Year award and his presence alongside host Laura Whitmore also caused entertainment reporters to start wondering about topics such as reconciliation. David Gandy attended the awards ceremony wearing a 3-piece grey Thom Browne suit and he looked absolutely smashing. David Gandy certainly added to his reputation as one of the best looking men in the world as he was definitely one of the best sights on a night that was all about style, beauty and elegance. 

At the show David Gandy posed for pictures with Laura Whitmore and the sight of the two past lovers together had entertainment and fashion reporters and insiders wondering if they were considering getting back together or if they already were back together because they looked comfortable and great together. Laura Whitmore wore a black low-cut top and shorts suit and she looked stunning and interestingly arrived alone and left alone despite supposedly being in a relationship with Scottish singer Paolo Nutini.

David Gandy is arguably the standard bearer for male models in Europe as his presence has helped redefine what a model can or should look like. His muscular build and striking features have made male fashion designers adapt their clothing to a more masculine standard and in the process made life easier for men who lift weights or possess something other than the physique of a world leading male model. 

David Gandy's presence at the 2014 Rodial Beautiful awards in his 3-piece Thom Browne suit made women all over the Internet and likely those in attendance very happy as did the mention that this male model seems to still be single since the end of his recent relationship with actress Samantha Banks. Another aspect of David Gandy that has made this dapper model the object of affection for many women is that he unlike many attractive men admits to wanting a girlfriend and children and that alone provides hope for single women that they still have the opportunity to wake up beside David Gandy, one of the most attractive men on the planet.


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