October 25, 2014
Damon Wayans keeps 'poking the bear' of controversy as stand-up

Damon Wayans has loved "thinking outside of the box" and 'poking the bear of controversy' throughout his entertainment career as an actor, writer and stand-up comedian but for the past couple years he has been basically underground. He has performed some sets as a stand-up comedian but there has not been much heard from him but that is changing in 2014. 

The talented stand-up comedian spoke with the OC Weekly during which he addressed the state of comedy in his view and his plans for the future and the conversation has got his fans excited. 

He notes how his view is that stand-up comedians are there to make you think and in a sense to be a provocateur and he enjoys following in the footsteps of Richard Pryor and Lenny Bruce in doing so but also believes that there are fewer comedians doing so because of the backlash they receive for controversial comments.

When he made these comments he raised the eyebrows of some social media entertainment observers who anticipate that his stand-up performance at the Irvine Improv is going to 'poke the bear' of controversy and have people laughing and might even bring forth some complaints but he is ready for the complainers: he tapes all his performances. 

Some fans and social media entertainment observers are of the belief that he is preparing for a big television performance or concert comedy tour and he hinted as such with the disclosure during the interview that while he enjoys short 20 minute sets that he did during recent performances with some of his brothers his goal is to do 90 minute sets that keep fans entertained and wanting more. 

He revealed that he will be looking inward in his performances at the Irvine Improv and poking fun at himself, his children and also intends to talk about President Obama and how society has changed. Get ready for some controversy to soon emerge because Damon Wayans is back on stage and his interview hints at the fact that he is not afraid to provoke with his comments which has his many fans smiling at the prospect of enjoying many laughs thanks to his presence. 


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