May 15, 2013
Damon Lindelof gives his views on the Justice League movie

While Marvel continue to release movie after movie and build up the Marvel Cinematic Universe, DC are lagging behind, with some poor releases in recent years. With the planned Justice League movie running into a few problems, Damon Lindelof has given his views on what he thinks could be the issue with a Justice League movie getting off the ground and what could right the situation.

Lindelof told The Hollywood Reporter, "The Justice League problem? I think a lot of that depends on Man of Steel. The Justice League problem is not a problem of, who is the bad guy that Wonder Woman and Green Lantern, Superman, whoever you decide to pit them against. The problem is: What’s the tone of that movie? They’ve been struggling with launching their own tone."

He added, "The tone of Green Lantern is very different from the tone of The Dark Knight. They clearly inhabit two entirely different worlds. You want to feel like someone is establishing a world where the Justice League can exist, maybe Man of Steel is that movie. If Man of Steel works, and it’s great, I think it starts to make sense where Paradise Island is in that world. Because that’s an entirely different world than the one Christopher Nolan introduced."

A lot of people are suggesting that Man of Steel could be one of the big hits of the year and, if the movie proves to be as successful as people are predicting, a Justice League movie may well follow.

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