June 3, 2014
Cobie Smulders to become series regular on Marvel's Agents of SHIELD season 2?

While there was a lot of excitement surrounding the Marvel television series Agents of SHIELD, there were quite a few disappointed people with how the first season started off, with many fans actually abandoning the show. However, as the season progressed, the show began to get more exciting and, by the end of the first season, Agents of SHIELD managed to win over a lot of the critics.

With that said, there are still going to need to be a few changes on the show for the start of Agents of SHIELD season two but one of those changes could actually be a very simple one. Actress Cobie Smulders plays the role of Agent Maria Hill in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the actress also reprised the role in Agents of SHIELD.

Unfortunately though, Cobie could only appear in a couple of episodes of the show, due to her commitments to the hit series How I Met Your Mother, which has now come to an end for good. That now leaves Cobie Smulders open to becoming a series regular for Agents of SHIELD season two, since she no longer has How I Met Your Mother to worry about.

While we will have to wait for any official confirmation on the future of Cobie Smulders as Maria Hill on Agents of SHIELD, we do know that the actress will reprise the role on the big screen for the movie Avengers: Age of Ultron, which will open on April 24, 2015 in the UK, and May 1, 2015 in the US.

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