February 12, 2014
Closer Look: Megan McNierney a model personified

Megan McNierney is far more than just a very pretty and successful model. She is a young woman who has made a name for herself and this name is one of great importance in the fashion world. Not only has she done lots of modeling on and off of the runway. There is a certain quality about her that has indeed made her a true and shining star in the modeling world.
She first started modeling back in 2006, when she signed on with Vision Management in Minnesota, and then later on with the Marilyn Agency one year later. In the year of 2007 alone, she had so much going on, she was busy beyond busy with assignments of all kinds. Not only did she do a debut at the fall DKNY, but she also did additional debuts at Eric Fetherston, Marchesa, and also Tuleh shows in New York City too. She also did the fall Chanel couture show in Paris in July of that same year. She was also photographed for Dolce & Gabbana's ad campaign for pre-fall. In addition, she was the subject for a Rising Star story for Hintmag.com. She would continue on to do all sorts of modeling from catalogs to runways to magazine covers from 2008 to 2010.
Megan McNierney is no stranger to modeling, as she has been modeling professionally since the age of 17, and was discovered actually at 16 when she was at John Robert Powers Premiere Performing Arts Academy. She managed to catch the eye of modeling agent, Tequen, who did fall in love with her right away. She has managed to enjoy a lot of major success as a model in both the United States and with top designers and magazines in France, as well.
Megan truly is without a doubt, a model personified, and this is because she does define the essence of what a model should be. She is blonde, she is beautiful, and very graceful in her own way. She was seen on the cover of Cosmopolitan magazine in January of 2012. Megan keeps very busy with modeling all the time, it does appear, and she did a magazine cover for MODL Magazine in the May 2013 issue.


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