April 27, 2014
Claudia Salinas makes most of "Cheap Thrills" stripper scene

Actress/model Claudia Salinas recently appeared in the movie "Cheap Thrills" and despite having a small role in the independent film as a stripper she did what only the actresses who possesses superior talent can do and that is she left a memorable impression. Generally when one looks at strippers in a movie scene people rarely remember them but her scintillating looks combined with her ability to change her look for the scene has led to her becoming someone who fans and filmmakers remember. 

Her ability to leave a lasting impression is not a surprise however to those in the men's magazine industry as she has appeared in magazine spreads for Maxim, FHM, Bello and Trace and was recently featured ast the Lovely Lady of the Day on the much browsed Sports Illustrated magazine "Hot Clicks" website. 

The magazine had noted to it readers to keep an eye on the attractive model and it was a worthy instruction as possesses the smoldering looks that viewers will not soon forget. She has the fit body that is now a requisite to be a model in today's entertainment and fashion industry but it is her beautiful face and her ability to change her expression to fit the situation or in the movie "Cheap Thrills" leave a memorable impression that makes her so special.

Most models who are trying to act have difficulty appreciating that their body is only one part of the acting equation and one of the most important aspects of acting is the facial expressions that allow the actor and audience to connect without saying a word.

Claudia Salinas made a connection in "Cheap Thrills" with the viewers and film producers and directors and it looks like it will lead to more substantial roles for this gorgeous actress for which men throughout North America are especially grateful. More screen time for her means more men taking the time to watch her on screen. Sports Illustrated was correct, Claudia Salinas is is an actress to have on the "radar".


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