September 23, 2015
Claire Danes surprises with acting and Molly Ringwald obsessions as young girl

Claire Danes was a magnificent sight on the red carpet of the 2015 Emmy awards which she attended while wearing a mauve sequined Prada gown. The American dramatic acting superstar was nominated for outstanding lead actress in a drama but on this occasion it was  not only her beautiful appearance and superb acting talent that excited fans but her disclosure about what age she knew that she wanted to make a living as an actress.

During one of her many red carpet interviews she revealed to People Magazine that she knew from the age of five years old that acting was the thing she would be obsessed with for her entire life ( – September 21). This revelation combined with her admitting that she wanted very badly to be Molly Ringwald has some entertainment fans very intrigued and having discussions on social media sites about the importance and ability to get an early start on one’s career.

The attractive actress has been acting from the age of ten years old and while people sometimes do not want to believe that such an early start to a career provides an actor an advantage over their peer some fans believe the proof is in the results.

Since her emergence as an acting talent in “My So-Called Life”, a series she started acting in at the age of fourteen years old she has been considered a superb dramatic acting talent, a view supported by the fact that her performance provided her the first of her four Golden Globe awards and is an actress in great demand.

Claire Danes found the job she loved and was obsessed about at the age of five years old and with her desire to emulate actresses such as Molly Ringwald she has become an acting superstar, a disclusure from her that could result in an increase in the number of young girls enrolling in acting schools in the United States in the near future and many thanks from the proprietors of these schools for the new business.


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