August 2, 2015
Claire Danes hinting at future comedy roles with Master of None appearance

Claire Danes is known for her award-winning portrayal of CIA Agent Carrie Mathison in the dramatic Showtime series "Homeland" but it seems that the talented actress wants to show fans that she can make people laugh. 
It has been announced that she will be joining the Netflix comedy "Master of None" where she will guest-star in an episode opposite actor-comedian Aziz Ansari as his love interest. 
The news has entertainment fans excited and intrigued as people have become so accustomed to Claire Danes playing the serious, captivating CIA Agent Carrie Mathieson in "Homeland" that the prospect of seeing her in a comedy seems almost foreign even though in her most recent movie appearance in 2013 she starred in the comedy-drama "As Cool as I Am". 
Could this comedy role be a way for Claire Danes to keep her 'comedy' acting skills in 'tune' so that when the decision is eventually made to end the series "Homeland" she is ready for the next acting chapter in her life?
She has not made any statements regarding the direction she plans to take with her career after "Homeland" but the fact that her most recent film, the comedy-drama "As Cool as I Am", came at a time when her popularity was arguably at its highest as she had won the Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Television Series suggests that she is looking at comedy as a way to take a break from serious dramas. 
Her co-star Aziz Ansari looks at the decision to include her in "Master of None" as an interesting choice but some entertainment fans see it also as a situation in which this in-demand actress saw an opportunity to sharpen her comedy skills and is taking advantage of it (Business Standard - July 29).
Claire Danes, an actress whose guest appearance in the comedy "Master of None" might be giving fans a hint of the direction she plans to move after "Homeland".


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