February 14, 2018
Christian Bale ready to impress as Dick Cheney in new movie Backseat

When it comes to the actor Christian Bale there have been many ups and downs for the acting during his career, with plenty of positives aimed towards him, while there have also been a lot of negatives. There is no denying that Christian is a very talented actor who really gives his all to every role, but there is that nasty side of him that makes it sound like he can be horrible to work with on set.
Anyway, we are fans of the acting work of Christian Bale and we have loved so many of his movies over the course of his career and we look forward to seeing plenty more from the actor during the rest of his career. Christian has played many interesting characters over the years and he will play yet another one, when he portrays Dick Cheney in the upcoming new movie Backseat.
Since Christian Bale is playing the role of Dick Cheney, you can probably guess that Backseat is going to focus on the life and the career of the politician, who became one of the most powerful vice presidents in the history of America, with the new movie taking a look at some of those legendary policies which made a big change to the world we live in today.
Christian Bale shares the big screen with plenty of top Hollywood talent in Backseat, with the supporting cast including such impressive names as Amy Adams, Bill Pullman, Alison Pill, Sam Rockwell, and Steve Carell. Backseat has been directed by Adam McKay, who also penned the screenplay for the movie, which is currently awaiting an official release date but is expected to open later in the year.


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