April 15, 2015
Chloe Moretz enhances film popularity with "Equal Pay Day" support

Chloe Moretz's 2015 film "Dark Places" will likely be watched by some new fans of this actress after her recent impressive actions and statements in support of Equal Pay Day for women. The talented actress stunned some entertainment observers with her show of maturity when she uploaded a photo of her hand to her social media Twitter page holding coins totalling $.78 and accompanied it with a statement explaining that men earn $1 for every $.78 a woman earns and that the wage gap between men and women needs to be eliminated (Latin Post - April 15). 

It is these type of actions that magnify the difference between the maturity she displays and that of the average eighteen years old individual let alone Hollywood actor. Not many people would expect someone her age to take the time to think about the wage gap issue but she not only thought about it but took the time to comment and that has earned her the attention and praise of entertainment fans of all ages. 

Her 'Equal Pay' actions and stance may also have just revealed part of the reason her dramatic acting range is so superior to many other actors of a similar age and that is because she is so much more mature than most individuals her age which enables her to reach 'acting' levels that most cannot envision let alone reach. 

"The Equalizer" actress' popularity with many adult women and likely even some men, especially those with daughters, has probably spiked upward as a result of her 'Equal Pay Day' Twitter post and as such has become an actress that some entertainment observers anticipate will have many new and current fans coming out to support her films.

The showing of maturity can have many benefits for a young actress as it endears her to filmmakers and fans and proof of that is the growing social media popularity of Chloe Moretz.


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