January 21, 2015
Chicago Bulls entire team gets 'scolding' from leader after Cleveland loss

The Chicago Bulls were beat by the Cleveland Cavaliers 108-94 in their most recent game and the score is not a good indicator because it was not that close a game. The team never looked like it could defeat the LeBron James led Cleveland Cavaliers and the result sparked an emotional response that Chicago Bulls fans are not accustomed to but are likely loving the fact that it took place. 

The point guard leader of the Chicago Bulls is like his coach unaccustomed and unaccepting of losing and in an interview he let it be known that the current manner of play by the team, especially with regard to the effort was not going to enable them to win games. His words were basically 'seconded' by the head coach, Tom Thibodeau who deep down must along with general manager Gar Forman and President John Paxson must be 'giddy' with happiness over the emotional response of the team's leader. 

With Derrick Rose, a player known for preferring to let his actions speak rather than talking about what must be done, venting his feelings to the press the coaches and management know that every player on the team will take notice and this might be the beginning of the ex-Memphis college player taking on some of the MJ "I cannot stand losing" personna that will result him in getting some of the players to play hard out of fear of having to deal with his wrath.

Six losses in eight games led to the explosion from Derrick Rose and has gotten the attention of NBA beat reporters and very likely each and every one of his teammates. No one knows how the team will perform in its next game against the San Antonio Spurs but no one should be surprised to see Derrick Rose come out and play with a huge chip on his shoulder and if this team does make it out of the Eastern Conference to the NBA finals in 2015 fans will be able to look at the emotional response from Derrick Rose after the loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers and point to it as the day that he took ownership of the Chicago Bulls and decided 'enough was enough' in terms of losing. 


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