June 24, 2013
Caroline Dhavernas: Career in 2013

Caroline Dhavernas is currently known to audiences as Dr. Alana Bloom in 'Hannibal', but her first job was in 1990 at the age of 11. Her career has picked up recently, and she's been introduced to many different audiences with her varied film and television roles.

Her first major break in the world of television came in 2004, when Caroline was cast in the TV show 'Wonderfalls'. She was only on the show for a year, but she managed to land several film roles after that, including 'Hollywoodland' in 2006 and 'Breach' in 2007.

She appeared in one episode of Law and Order: Criminal Intent in 2010, a couple of episodes in 'The Pacific', and then she had three movies in 2010: 'The Switch', 'Devil', and 'Wrecked'.

She then starred in the TV show 'Off the Map' in 2011, but her most prolific role to date has been in 'Hannibal'. The show's gained immense popularity since it debuted, and has also gained notices for the top-notch performances from its cast, which includes Mads Mikkelsen and Hugh Dancy. Although it's still the first season of the show, we expect to see many more seasons to come. 


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