March 1, 2016
Candace Cameron Bure is excited about the return of another great tv show

Candace Cameron Bure is making every fan of Full House's dream come true by returning to the show as DJ Fuller, and she is not only loving her acting on the show, but she is also excited for the return of another classic show. In an interview, Candace said that she loves Gilmore Girls. She is happy to have that show return to the screen, just like Full House is coming back with "Fuller House".


Candace may have grown up since she was last on the set of Full House, but she still has DJ in her. She reunited with all of the people she previously worked alongside, and she has had a ton of fun doing that. She is happy to be back playing her old role. She is happy to have the cast back together, and she says that if there were one TV show that she would bring back, it would be "Happy Days".


There have been many great TV shows that have come and gone through the years, and it is interesting to see which show a celebrity, who starred in her own show years earlier, would like to bring back. She is excited about the return of Gilmore Girls, and she would like to see more shows come back, as well.


Candace is sure to impress everyone with the released of Fuller House, and she is sure to have fun watching Gilmore Girls when it comes out, as well. Too bad Happy Days won't be returning to the screen.


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