January 3, 2018
Can Mel B convince Victoria Beckham to join the Spice Girls reunion?

There are so many occasions pretty much every year, when we see a former group deciding to get back together either for a one-off reunion or for a certain period of time, with some proving much more successful than others. When it comes to the Spice Girls, we have seen them getting back together on a number of occasions and there are always talks of another reunion happening.

With the 25th anniversary of the Spice Girls just around the corner, Mel B is hoping that she can make another Spice Girls reunion happen, although it seems that Victoria Beckham is going to take some convincing. Mel is said to need the money from a reunion but will she be able to convince Victoria to come on board.

A supposed insider was chatting to the New York Daily News, when they explained, "The first thing Mel needs to do is clear the air and get their friendship back on track. They need to mend fences and work through their tension, which means a lot of Mel eating humble pie."

The source added, "The notion of performing together is totally out of the question for Victoria, but other projects could work at this time. Mel feels a Spice Girls reunion over the next couple of years, along with lucrative TV deals and endorsement will help recoup her payout to Belafonte."

It will definitely be interesting to see if Mel B is able to persuade Victoria Beckham to return for a Spice Girls reunion and, if so, in what capacity.


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