February 6, 2018
Bruce Willis joins Gugu Mbatha-Raw in new movie Motherless Brooklyn

There are a lot of new and exciting movies we are really looking forward to seeing over the course of the next few years, with some of them bringing together a very interesting cast indeed. While we love to see and ensemble cast being brought together for a big screen movie project, we also need the film to have an interesting story, which definitely seems to be the case for the new film Motherless Brooklyn.
As many of you will no doubt already know, Motherless Brooklyn is a movie that is going to be directed by Hollywood superstar Edward Norton, who has actually also adapted the screenplay for the project, from the Jonathan Lethem novel, while he is also going to have a role in the movie too. Edward is clearly using his pulling power to bring together a great cast, which can surely only be a good thing for the project.
While we already knew that we were going to see Gugu Mbatha-Raw appearing in Motherless Brooklyn, it has now been confirmed that Bruce Willis has signed on for a role in the film. Meanwhile, we are also going to see the likes of Alec Baldwin and John Pais also appearing in Motherless Brooklyn, which is set to begin production later in the year.
While we do not know a huge amount about what to expect from the upcoming new movie, we do know that Motherless Brooklyn is going to focus on a character called Lionel Essrog, who is a detective who suffers with Tourette's Syndrome, who discovers that his mentor has been murdered, which leads to him heading off on a hunt to try to find the killer and bring them to justice.
Motherless Brooklyn is aiming for a release date some time in 2019.


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