January 2, 2020
Brooklyn Decker, Hardy Sandhu, Alyssa Milano: Celebs who love Fantasy Sports

Playing online games has been huge for quite some time now, but it seems that playing online Fantasy Sports is something that has been growing for the past few years and has a huge following all over the world. While us everyday regular people enjoy dabbling in Fantasy Sports, there are also some huge celebrities who also like to get involved in playing their Fantasy Sport of choice.

Brooklyn Decker

First up we have the beautiful Brooklyn Decker. While this stunning star has become best known for her modelling career, especially her work with the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, she has also enjoyed her fair share of success in acting. But did you know that Brooklyn is also a big fan of playing Fantasy Football online? Keep your eye out for her and see if you have what it takes to beat her.

Alyssa Milano

While it is fair to say that Fantasy Football has become the biggest Fantasy Sport around, there are still plenty of stars who love to get involved in other areas of Fantasy Sports, including the much loved Fantasy Baseball. One such star who enjoys getting involved in Fantasy Baseball is the stunningly beautiful Alyssa Milano, who will give you a beating on the fantasy scene.

Hardy Sandhu

When it comes to playing Fantasy Sports in India, there is no online fantasy sport that can compare the Fantasy Cricket, which has become hugely popular with some of the top celebs in the country. Music star, actor, and all round great guy Hardy Sandhu is one star who likes to go head to head against us regular folks in online Fantasy Cricket. Why not give him a search and see if you can beat him at his Fantasy Sport of choice.

Michael J Fox

Although he doesn't seem to play as much as he did a few years back, Hollywood legend Michael J Fox is still a big fan of Ice Hockey and he does still try to dabble in some Fantasy Hockey when he can. Michael has enjoyed a fair amount of success with his online Fantasy Hockey involvement over the years and we have no doubt that he could still give some of you a beating you couldn't see coming.

The Darkness

Whatever actually happened to the music stars The Darkness? A few years back they were quite big stars, releasing some of the most popular hits over the course of a few years, before they seemed to go off the boil a little bit. However, we are not here to disect their career, we are here to talk Fantasy Sports, and The Darkness love to get involved in Fantasy Soccer, with their focus on the EPL.

So there you have it. These are just a few of the celebrity names who love to get involved in playing Fantasy Sports online, while these are also just some of the sports available to play in the Fantasy Sports realm. Now get out there, choose your favorite Fantasy Sport and keep and eye out for some of the stars who are definitely going to be involved somewhere.


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