July 5, 2014
Britt Maren becomes hot topic thanks to risque 4th of July bikini photo

Britt Maren may not be a name that the average fashion follower knows but her recent July 4th picture spread has turned her into one of the most talked about models during the American Independence Day celebrations and has fashion insiders enthused about her future.
The scintillating model is pictured wearing a USA bikini under a black blazer which she keeps open by putting her hand on her hip and not buttoning the jacket. Her black pants are unbuttoned and they partially show the bikini bottom.  However, the aspect of the picture that has the fashion insiders enthralled is the combination of her strong, sensual piercing look and her exceptionally toned  midsection. 
Britt Maren brings a smouldering senility to this modelling shoot with her hair wet that has fashion insiders and agents thinking of her as not just another model but someone who with these type of poses is worthy of inclusion in 'the hottest models club'. 
Women who view this picture and men understand the appeal because it is the type of outfit that can be worn during a summer weekend and make an individual the fashion star. 
Since June 2014 Britt Maren has been generating attention with various fashion insiders as she looked the part of one of the most attractive birders in the 'Wedding Dresses for the Bride' Vogue Magazine campaign and prior to her scintillating July 4th photo which is found on her social media Twitter page she had fashion insiders talking about her sensational photo for the swimsuit issue of 'Surfing Magazine'.
Britt Maren's 4th of July photo shoot with photographer Simon Rasmussen is further affirmation that she is on her way to becoming a fashion star and shows why she is a model whom fashion agents are constantly in pursuit of for their clothing designer clients.  


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