January 9, 2017
Brad Pitt looks 10 years younger at Golden Globes following Angelina Jolie split

There have been so many stars over the years who have gone through a high-profile split, which has been reported all over the world, with the impact of the divorce being different for each person involved along the way. While the stress and the strain of such a public break up can take its toll on some stars, who seem to age over night, there are others who look like the weight of the world has been lifted.

Which brings us to the Hollywood superstar Brad Pitt, who has been going through a very public break up from his wife Angelina Jolie recently, with the couple in the middle of a rather nasty divorce. However, rather than letting the problems in his personal life get to him, Brad seems to have taken it in his stride and it looks like it has taken years off his age.

Brad Pitt made an appearance at the Golden Globes and it is fair to say that the hunky actor looked 10 years younger, with some people even suggesting that the Hollywood superstar has never looked so good. We have to agree that Brad does look fantastic, so whatever has happened with Angelina Jolie in recent weeks has clearly been working wonders for him.

Not only did Brad Pitt turn up to the Golden Globes looks as hot as ever, he also managed to leave with a win under his belt. Brad Pitt stars in the movie Moonlight, which won the award for the Best Motion Picture in the drama category, beating the very impressive Manchester by the Sea along the way. It looks like everything is working out well for Brad.


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