November 21, 2013
Bobby Brown charged for DUI again

43 year-old, R&B singer and songwriter, Bobby Brown is notorious for having run-ins with law officers. In late October of 2013, a LAPD spokeswoman confirmed the information that Bobby Brown was indeed arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol early into Wednesday morning.
It happened at what law officers say was approximately 1 A.M., when a police cruiser caught Mr.Brown swerving between lanes around Ventura Boulevard and Corbin Avenue and they pulled him over shortly after he was spotted. The officers then smelled a strong trace of alcohol coming from Mr.Brown and they gave a sobriety test, in which he failed. It was then that Bobby was taken into custody and booked into a local police station. According to booking records, he is still in prison on a $25,000 bail today, with no court date set at this time.
This is the second DUI arrest for Mr.Brown, who recently completed his time in rehab, in less than a year. He was caught in March of 2012 in California. He plead no contest to a DUI charge in a plea with his prosecutors, and was put on 3 years probation. He was also instructed to participate in an alcohol education program for three months.
There is no current information on how his latest run-in has affected him in jail. He already has a damaged reputation and chances are this will only damage it more, both personally and in his singing career. However, many may not notice Mr.Brown's new charges because it's simply already expected of him.


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