November 25, 2014
Bleona Qereti puts her 'assets on display in sheer-net dress at AMAs

Bleona Qereti wore a sheer-net dress with no clothes underneath except for a crystal-encrusted thong and nipple covers to the American Music Awards and it has earned her some attention as many critics have named her as one of the worst-dressed celebrities at the gala event. 
The assessment of her appearance is their own opinion because while many of the critics labelled her the worst dressed and no one wants this look to be a tend despite the fact that she does have a very attractive body, it did provide her with something that she wanted which was attention.
The "Madonna of Albania" has lived in the United States since 2009 and has become renowned for her determination and persistence to become a star musical entertainer. Part of the 'legend' that has developed about her is how she visited the studios of superstar songwriter/producer Timbaland every day for several months until he finally helped produce a song for her. 
Her attending the AMAs in the sheer fishnet dress may have been a strategy used before by other entertainers but it did show several 'aspects' about her that caught my attention and likely have filmmakers talking about her as well. 
As noted earlier, she is an attractive woman. Secondly, she has no fear and third, she is ambitious and 'naked' ambition (pardon the pun) is incredibly attractive to music producers and filmmakers because they know she will push herself until the product is perfect. 
Record producers and filmmakers sometimes have to fight with artists to keep doing a song or scene over and over until they get it right. Somehow, I don't think that will be an issue for this Albanian beauty because once she gets in the studio or is being directed to do a scene the only person who will be able to get her out is the producer. 
Ignore the criticisms of Bleona Qereti and look under the fishnet because there you will find a trait that is all too rare in entertainers who want success which is fearlessness and her possessing this characteristic is why I suspect that she is going to eventually be a success in the U.S. market. 


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