October 6, 2011
Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds dating?

It has only been a few days since Blake Lively is said to have split from Leonardo DiCaprio but now it is being reported that she is dating her Green Lantern co star Ryan Reynolds. However, the two are known to be friends and the reports are currently just rumour.

Blake was supposedly seen with Ryan, as the couple “took Amtrak to Beantown” on Friday night, where it is believed they spent the night together at Reynolds apartment. Lively was then seen on the Monday taking the train back in to the city to film Gossip Girl.
Nothing has yet been confirmed by either of the Hollywood stars and it is more than likely that she was just leaning on a friend to discuss her recent break up. However, some publications do love to jump on the dating bandwagon and they did make a lovely couple in Green Lantern.


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