December 3, 2013
Bertie Gilbert: Life beyond Scorpius Malfoy

British and South African actor Bertie Gilbert made his name when he played the role of Scorpius Malfoy in the epilogue of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 (2011). Being just 16 years of age, Bertie is on track with his career in the film industry. With 6 acting credits in his portfolio, he is also lending his hand to writing, directing, and editing.
He began his career in the television series category roles such as Horrible Histories (2009) and a role as Fleance in Great Performances (2010) rendition of Macbeth. Bertie lent his voice as narrator in An Eggs Guide to Minecraft: Who the Hell Are You? (2012) and An Eggs Guide to Minecraft: What's Minecraft? (2012).
Gilbert's first attempt at writing, directing and editing has landed him success in these areas which is no small feat, given his age and experience. Stray Dog (2013), deals with time travel, emotions and of course, girls. The music is excellent and works extremely well with the editing. Bertie has done a wonderful job on his first short film. It can be found on the internet for viewing. He has something to be proud of and fans who have viewed it are leaving positive comments and encouraging him to do more.
Bertie Gilbert is on his way as an up and coming writer, director and editor as well as star. His acting shows as much promise and his cinematic flair, which is coming along nicely. We're looking forward to seeing and hearing much more from Bertie Gilbert.


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