January 31, 2013
Ben Whishaw discusses James Bond experience and Robopocalypse role

Ben Whishaw is one of the latest stars from England to make it big in Hollywood, especially with big roles in James Bond’s Skyfall, The Wachowskis’ ‘Cloud Atlas’, and a rumored role in the upcoming ‘Robopocalypse’. Whishaw covers the latest issue of Mr. Porter Magazine to promote the release of ‘Cloud Atlas’ in the UK on February 22nd.
Although he’s been getting noticed more and more in the streets of London, Ben Whishaw is not the type of person you usually mob on the streets, and he agrees. He says, “I just keep myself to myself, mostly," says Mr Whishaw. "Perhaps that's why people don't see me as this larger-than-life... celebrity." His distaste for the word ‘celebrity’ is apparent in the interview, as is his dislike for the paparazzi and all the accompanying aspects of being a famous figure. He continues to talk about the pitfalls of fame, adding, “I do get stopped on the street, although rarely. And they always have something lovely to say. Someone was talking to me about that poor girl in the Twilight films - Kirsten, is it? Kristen, that's right. I wouldn't like that. Not at all. Living in hotel rooms and being mobbed. A terrible state of existing. Terrible!" 
He also discusses his role as Q in ‘Skyfall’, saying, “We actually never met on set for Bond, Judi and I," says Mr Whishaw. "I think it was at the premiere that we first managed to say hello to one another properly. That whole Bond experience pretty much blew my mind - if only for my realisation of the insatiable global appetite for James Bond. His legacy will go on far longer than any of ours." Despite being open to talking about his previous projects, he’s hesitant to say anything about Steven Spielberg’s upcoming ‘Robopocalypse’, which was rumored to be starring Whishaw alongside Anne Hathaway and Chris Hemsworth. He does say, “Nothing is nailed down yet.”
Despite nothing being ‘nailed down’, expect to see young Mr. Whishaw slowly make his way to the top of the Hollywood A-list with break-out roles within the next few years.


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