December 11, 2018
Ashton Kutcher, Jamie Foxx, Gwyneth Paltrow: Celebs who love to trade in cryptocurrencies

With the huge rise in cryptocurrency trading all over the world, it is no surprise that we have seen plenty of celebrities getting involved, with a number of Hollywood superstars loving to spend some of their free time trading crypto. With that in mind, we have decided to take a look at some of the most high-profile Hollywood superstars who have been spending some time in online trading, with their primary focus being cryptocurrency.

One of the most popular actors in Hollywood would have to be Ashton Kutcher, not only because he is one of the most handsome men on the planet, but also because he is so charming and funny along with it. Ashton is not just a celebrity who has dabbled in trading cryptocurrency online over the years, he has actually gone that one step further, by investing in a cryptocurrency exchange platform, showing just how serious he is about it.

Next up we have the Oscar-winning actor Jamie Foxx, who is not only a huge name is Hollywood but is also considered a superstar on the music scene too. It is probably fair to say that Jamie did not get on board with the cryptocurrency trading industry as early as some other stars, like Ashton Kutcher, did but he has been wasting no time since getting involved with a new ICO and cryptocurrency trading platform of his own, with regular posts to promote it.

Finally we have the wonderful Gwyneth Paltrow, who has probably become best known for her health craze, but what many people do not realise about the Hollywood beauty, is the fact that she too has become intrigued by trading online cryptocurrency. While Gwyneth might not get involved with as much trading online as some of the others, she has given her name and image to certain Bitcoin based wallet, getting on board with them in an advisory role.

There are plenty of other high-profile celebrities who like to spend their spare time trading away online using such platforms as executium's trading system, but there are also plenty of other celebrities who just like to head off to the beach to catch some sun in the Summer, or spend the Winter months enjoying some skiing. Either way, it is always nice to see that such huge superstars really are just as human as the rest of us.


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