May 20, 2014
Arsenal star Aaron Ramsey tipped to be a global superstar

Welsh midfield star Aaron Ramsey has had a lot of potential for many years now, which is what led to Arsenal signing him as a teenager in the first place. Aaron has just had the best season of his career for Arsenal and has had a lot of people talking about what a great player he has become.
While there are plenty of people raving about Aaron Ramsey at the moment, there is none more so that former Wales goalkeeper Neville Southall, who has highly praised the 23-year-old star. Neville says that he believes Aaron can become one of the great players in the world.
Southall explained, "If he carries on learning at the rate he's learning he's going to be a great player. He's still growing as a kid. In football terms he's still very, very young and in [Arsene] Wenger he's got a really good manager who knows the game. I think he's come on leaps and bounds and just needs to play continual football for a while. Hopefully Champions League football will do him the world of good."
There are bound to be plenty of big clubs around the world beginning to sit up and take notice of Aaron Ramsey and there will no doubt be some big bids for the player if her continues progressing at the rate he is. However, Neville insists that the best place for Aaron to be in order to develop further as a player, is Arsenal.
Southall added, "If Arsenal do well in the Champions League then obviously he's going to be under a bigger spotlight and if Wales can qualify [for a major tournament]. But for me at the moment he just needs to get his head down for two or three seasons and produce things every season and take it from there."
It will be interesting to see if Aaron Ramsey can take his brilliant form from this season and carry it into next season.


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