June 4, 2018
Ariana Grande heaps praise on her fans

When you take a look at all of the stars in the entertainment industry today, it will not take you long to come across someone who learnt their trade and earned their stripes with either Disney or Nickelodeon, before then spreading their wings and becoming global superstars in their own right.

Which brings us to the beautiful and talented star Ariana Grande, who rose to fame as a young girl on Nickelodeon, before then going on to cut her ties with them, moving into the music industry and showing the world just what a talented star she is. Ariana has become one of the biggest stars on the music scene, with millions of fans all over the world, and she has now taken the time to heap praise on her fans.

Grande took to her official Twitter account to tell her fans and followers, "Love y'all so much it consumes me tbh... i'm so v proud of you all & the people you're becoming. i've been creeping on your asses and taking to u for years now and i must say i'm endlessly proud. u make my heart like... beam tbh. forreal... like i love u sm and am so proud always and talk ab u all the time to everyone in my life and they think i'm nuts (sic)."
We have loved seeing the rise of Ariana Grande in the entertainment industry and we are delighted to see just how great she is doing on such a global scale. Keep up the good work, Ariana, we love you.


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