December 17, 2013
Anthony Kiedis reigns as american rock royalty after eventful 2013

Anthony Kiedis is a pop culture icon in America, having spent his youth as the front man and lead singer of the Red Hot Chili Pepper, Kiedis has lived the lifestyle of rock royalty with honor. Kiedis and the band have sold more than 80 million albums and won 7 Grammy awards to date. The 50 year old Californian wears many hats, when it comes to his media image and how it bleeds into his personal life.
In June 2013 Kiedis was involved in a public brawl with a security guard, just outside the Four Seasons hotel in Philadelphia. The footage went viral on YouTube, Kiedis decides to throw down with the hired security, because they refused to let him enter the building. Being a California born star, it makes sense that Anthony Kiedis has decided to put roots down in his home state again. Recent news reports are showing off stunning photos of his new multimillion dollar pad, just purchased in the Los Angeles area.
Apparently he still loves a good local sporting event, as well. Anthony Kiedis and his unnamed girlfriend were spotted at a November 2013 L.A. Lakers game courtside. Keidis was sitting next to a porn star Daisy Marie and his girl. The pictures speak for themselves, it seems that the threesome are familiar and friendly with one another. Despite being the the spotlight so often, Kiedis keeps himself grounded in reality.
Kiedis also is public about having Hepatitis C, since his autobiography Scar Tissue was published in 2004. He actively pursues the latest treatments and claims to have no symptoms currently, as reported online at the end of November 2013. Anthony Kiedis continues to record, write and tour with the Red Hot Chili Peppers. The band's 2014 world tour is on the road promoting their newest album release, I’m With You.


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