November 1, 2014
Ann Kathrin Brommel makes no apologies for her sensual modelling

Ann Kathrin Brommel is one of the most attractive German WAGS as the girlfriend of Mario Gotze, star German footballer. Her life as a model and also a WAG makes her someone who is constantly in the public eye and as such she is subject to much scrutiny and jealousy. 
However, while this may be the case she is showing the 'grit' and mental strength which the top models and entertainment personalities must possess in addressing the 'haters' that come forth on social media. Some people have taken the approach to criticize the fact that this prominent WAG often will show some 'skin' while modelling lingerie, swimsuits and other clothing but she merely 'brushes off her shoulder' the negative comments because she is "at peace with her body" and she enjoys modelling. 
Sometimes 'likes repel' but there are situations in which "birds of a feather flock together" in the sense that strong-minded, determined individuals generally seem to be gravitate toward one another and that seems to be the situation with her and her footballer beau Mario Gotze
Two professions where individuals will receive much scrutiny are modelling and football and if one is not incredibly strong-minded there is no possibility of being successful. The fact that Ann Kathrin Brommel is able to thrive as a model, one of the most competitive professions in the fashion and entertainment industry very likely appealed to her partner as does the fact that it is not only her profession but it is something that she enjoys.
Beauty and grit are two very admirable and attractive traits that a model can possess and it has some social media entertainment observers thinking that it might soon translate into television and movie opportunities in the future and shows why Ann Kathrin Brommel is someone to keep an eye on and a role model for young aspiring models.


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