September 7, 2016
Amy Schumer gives her views on feminism

It is probably fair to say that feminism has grown and grown over the years and we are hearing more people than ever before claiming that they are a feminist, with some people not actually even knowing what the term really means. While feminism is a pretty simple word, there are some who have taken its meaning and mixed it up, trying to bring negative connotations to it.
Now, American funny woman Amy Schumer has been talking about feminism and what it means to her, giving her views on the word and explaining whether or not she believes she is a feminist. Well, Amy has broken it down plain and simple and made it very clear that being a feminist is one of the things that defines her as a woman.
Shumer explained, "I think anyone who’s not a feminist is an insane person. I think they don’t know what feminism means. It just means equality for women but I think that word has a whole different meaning for different people. Someone will say to me, ‘you’re not a feminist are you?’ and I’m like: ‘What does that mean to you? Of course I am, of course I want equal rights for women’."
She added, "I really think a lot of people don’t know what it means, it’s just words. I feel very comfortable speaking as a comedian and a feminist because those are two things that I completely am. Those are two words that definitely define me."
With all that said, it still feels like we are a long way off from gender equality, especially when it comes to the entertainment industry. It's time for change, people!


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