July 2, 2014
Amy Jo Johnson joins 'Covert Affairs' as Counter Terrorist investigator

Actress Amy Jo Johnson is back on prime time television as part of season 5 of the hit television show "Covert Affairs". 
On the show she will play a strong, take charge woman is a National Counter Terrorism Center investigator who at time has battles with her colleagues when the intelligence community is confronted with a united threat. 
Entertainment insiders anticipate that she will be very popular in this role just as she was as a scene stealing member of the Toronto Tactical Team that made up the show "Flashpoint because of her ability to identify the different dimensions of a character and connect with the audience.
Interestingly, this is not the only project which is keeping Amy Jo Johnson occupied in 2014. 
In addition to her role on "Covert Affairs" her singing career has been prospering as she recently released a new studio album, "Never Broken" that has been very well received and has led to her being compared to the Grammy-nominated singer Jewel.
Her singing has helped her step behind the camera as a producer as she was able to both finance and direct two short films, "Lines" and "Bent" of which she also stars. 
She is appearing on the television screens as Hilary in "Covert Affairs" but at the moment she is preparing to shoot her third short film "Shooting Blanks" which will be the prequel to her first feature film "The Space Between" which she is writing and directing and plans to shoot in the spring of 2015.
One of the aspects of Amy Jo Johnson's film and singing career that have made her so unique is her commitment to the independent process. Her singing prowess has enabled her to finance short films through Indiegogo internet campaigns and thus similar to her singing career she is unburdened by some of the 'creativity' restrictions that a big budget film might face.
Amy Jo Johnson is about to become a feature performer on the television show "Covert Affairs" and her dramatic acting ability will make her one of the more memorable actresses of season 5 of the series but fans will be very pleased to know that this project will be one of several in which this talented actress leaves a very favourable impression. 


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